Social media management

Managing Instagram |Facebook | YouTube for your business

Managing social networks is very important nowadays because it is understood that you must be present and up-to-date on them. Currently the most popular platforms are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube where content is shared with others.

How can we help?

Managing social networks can take a lot of time and effort if you do it because you have to and not because you love it. We love to help and manage social media for you!
Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube are all changing platforms where different trends prevail every month, which we try to follow and apply to the profiles of all our clients.

Managing social networks is not just about posting a photo with text in the description, it also involves monitoring the competition, both domestic and foreign, devising a strategy every month, for the most interesting posts, following world trends and domestic trends, following other Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube profile!

Going out into the field with the idea of ​​how to improve the image, content and profile of each client, how we can bring the work that the client does, that is, the activity that it provides, closer to the followers. Apart from the idea, which is the most important, we also need to have professional equipment and knowledge to implement that idea.

That’s why our company for the professional management of social networks has provided only the best, cameras, drones, gimbal for mobile phones, lighting, a box for taking pictures and associates with whom we can handle even the most demanding jobs without major obstacles.

Managing Instagram and Facebook means creating a plan of posts on a monthly, weekly or daily basis with a design that shows your visual and business identity, in order to make the content interesting for your followers and keep them on your profile.

All social networks serve to inform people about your activities, services, products and to direct them to your website. All roads should eventually lead to your site. Do you have a website? You can check out some of the examples we’ve done here.



od 320€

od 250€

  • up to 12 posts per month
  • one video per month
  • design proposal
  • using paid photo galleries
  • (freepik, envato)
  • writing basic text for posts
  • outing to the field once a month


od 610€

od 490€

  • up to 16 posts per month
  • design proposal
  • using paid photo galleries (freepik, envato)
  • photography and recording
  • replying to messages
  • writing professional text for
  • publications
  • going out to the field up to 3  times a month
  • recording reels
  • detailed analysis
  • creating Google campaigns
  • creation of Facebook / Instagram campaigns
  • design services outside the framework of social networks


od 1150€

od 890€

  • creating a marketing plan
  • up to 30 posts per month
    design proposal
  • using paid photo galleries (freepik, envato)
  • photography and filming with a drone
  • replying to messages
  • writing professional text for publications
  • going out to the field up to 3 times a month
  • recording reels
  • engagement of influencers
    detailed analysis
  • creating Google campaigns
  • creation of Facebook / Instagram campaigns
  • design services outside the framework of social networks

Why are social networks important?


Over the last few years, social media has completely changed the Internet, in fact it has changed the entire world, and also the world of marketing. What are the reasons for your company to start using these new forms of communication as soon as possible?


Najčešće postavljena pitanja

How much does it cost to run social networks?

Running social networks (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) is a very important thing for us, and it should be for you too, because you are hiring someone to represent you to the general public, it is a big responsibility. The price of this responsibility with us starts from €250, depending on the requirements that are set before us. The price is much lower if we consider that you need to hire designers, programmers, photographers, marketing experts.

I have an old profile on Instagram that I don't use, can we use it?

It depends on the profile and the question, was it used for personal purposes, business or as a site of interest? What followers does it have, are they active or are they bots? Sometimes it’s better to start from scratch, which builds real followers and will last much longer, than with 2,000 followers that are fake profiles, bots or followers who are not interested in that content and tap in place, which can only lead us back.

Is it good to use the follow-unfollow method?

That method started back in 2018, when Instagram took off and became the most popular application with a billion users, it was used the most in 2019, where platforms were created for that method, which initially gives excellent results, a lot of followers, but weak engagement, no likes, comments, sharing, because those followers are not interested in your profile. So you’re getting followers, but they’re not the followers you need. You lose more than you gain.

Here are the top seven reasons why social media can help you:

The first reason
Whether you want to showcase your brand, social media offers another marketing channel to create brand awareness relationships or drive new sales, why not use it especially when it’s free.

The second reason
To develop a loyal community, people enjoy being part of a business that proactively builds a vibrant community, such an online community can help you establish an emotional connection between your company and your customers, which is essential to your long-term success.

The third reason
Improves Customer Service Social media is a great source of feedback, allowing potential customers to interact with your company, and peer-to-peer relationships can greatly improve your customer service and increase brand trust.

The fourth reason
Increases digital exposure Social media interaction can significantly increase your online presence Social media leads to massive exposure due to its worldwide access sharing capabilities and huge amount of daily users.

The fifth reason
Increases traffic and SEO score. Social media is a major lead generator that constantly drives traffic to your website, and it can also help with SEO as your social media content is heavily reflected by search engines.

Sixth reason
Expands sales and audience, listening to your prospects on social media can help you respond to their specific needs, this will most likely lead to increased sales, but also expand your customer base.

The seventh reason
Lowers marketing costs compared to traditional channels like print advertising or telemarketing, social media marketing is affordable for any business. Keep in mind that the channel itself is free, managing social media, taking care of all the content comments or feedback can become quite tiring and you need to focus primarily on your business.

How about that?
..leave the social stuff to us, don’t worry, we have enough experience to take full responsibility for your social presence, so get in touch with us and we are ready to start cooperation already