If we are considering packaging trends that affect prepress workflows I would like you to think back of the last time you
visited a supermarket. Your last Saturday morning stroll through your local supermarket I am sure that you have been
seduced by a package at some point in time, that you wanted to buy a product just for it back it’s not for the product.
That is exactly what packaging is supposed to do, better packaging simply sells more and that is why brand owners act
They will create variations of a single packaging design in order to seduce the consumer they will frequently change the
packaging for that same purpose to have backing sell better if you combine that with the increasing pressure from a
regulatory compliance point of view no compromise on quality and the pressure from time to market, time to delivery,
then you’ll see a picture appearing were pre-press for packaging is becoming quite a complex operation.
If we think about the sheer volume of job that needs to go through prepress department nowdays, the level of
automations that is required for that and changing role of the operator if you want your pre-press operators to reduce
the risk for human errors to an absolute minimum if you want to make sure that your prepress department runs at full
efficiency DesignJust4You is your choice of pre-press editors