Number one, video increase conversion on average up to 80% so if you have a video on your landing page explaining
your product or showing someone that loves your product or services, your 80% more likely to sell that product or
services to that person after they seen it.
Number two, 83% of business owners agree that the video has always been a great return on investment, everyone
assumes video is always a super expensive and although it can’t be not every business needs a big Hollywood style film,
sometimes you just need some basic testimonial or explanation of your products and services, so one thing that we love
to do for businesses is actually just create social media clips that are 30 seconds to a minute long this is enough to get
people engaged and often is a huge return of investment.
Number three, Google and other search engines love video if someone lands on your page from a Google search and you
have a video on there that’s five minutes and they’re sitting there watching it there for Google thinks that you have
strong good content, so to put a short video helps SEO and everybody loves search engine optimization.
Number four, mobile users love video, 90% of people nowadays are watching videos on their mobile devices so whether
it be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, people are constantly consuming these videos, so if your business has strong video
content people are gonna be watching it on their phones and mobile traffic is huge these days.
Number five, is that video can explain everything, images are great, they’re authentic, however video is one step further,
now you’ve got moving images, you have audio so you can explain things about your product or services like where to
buy it, where to find this, how to go about buying this, how to use it, how to repair, it move over everything your
consumer needs to know about your product or services and that leaves less room for questions and more room for
I hope this helps you realize that video is very important part of your marketing plan if you have any questions about
content creation don’t hesitate to ask us.