Your website is your business’s most important digital asset – but why are websites so important and what is their
purpose? In order to create a website that successfully attracts, engages, and delights your visitors, you need to first
determine its job-to-be-done.
Your website is the first place people go to learn about your products or services and find information about your
business. Although your other online presences like your social media profiles are important to, your website is your
homebase online, it’s also your digital sales rep working 24 hours a day seven days a week, to promote your offerings.
For those reasons your website is critical not only to your marketing, but to your business as a whole.
When you think about your website whether you have one yet or not the first question to ask is, what is the job of your
website you can use the Jobs to be done framework, otherwise known as the Jobs Theory to help you figure this out.
The Jobs theory was developed by Clay Christensen at Harvard business school and it’s helpful way to look at customer
needs by focusing on their motivations. The jobs theory is the idea that people have jobs in their life that needs to be
done and they hired the best product or services to do it. Think about the saying „People don’t buy a quarter inch drill
they buy a quarter inch hole.“ This is a perfect example of the Jobs theory in action.
When someone purchases a drill, they’re hiring that drill to do the job of creating a hole in their wall. Christensen’s
theory was written with products and services in mind, but it can be applied to websites. Ask yourself, what is the job
people are hiring your website to do? Your site will have several different jobs some people may be coming there to find
out about your pricing while others might want to speak with your sales team. Regardless of a why people are coming to
your site It needs to help them accomplish their goals easily and efficiently.
If not, you risk losing them for a good. 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to our website after a bad
experience, so it’s important to terminate the job your website is being hired to do and execute on that job. Remember
that job to be done of your website is the one that your audience determines not you. Focusing on your visitors
experience and seeing your site through their eyes will ensure that your website accomplishes the job it’s been tasked to