What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing? The term digital marketing relationship refers to the use of electronic channels, devices and platforms to build or promote your brand, without applying whether the Internet is involved while the technology is being used. In other words,...

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What is a logo?

If you looked in dictionary it will give you the definition something along the lines of a logo is a symbol a sign or an emblem so that’s the definition of a logo. Thanks for watching, no we do need to talk about it a little bit more than that. If we went back to...

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Social media

There’s absolutely no way you haven’t heard of it yet over the last few years social media has completely changed the Internet actually it has changed the whole world and also the world of marketing so what are the reasons for your businesses To start utilizing these...

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Why Video Is Important For Your Business?

Number one, video increase conversion on average up to 80% so if you have a video on your landing page explaining your product or showing someone that loves your product or services, your 80% more likely to sell that product or services to that person after they seen...

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Prepress trends

If we are considering packaging trends that affect prepress workflows I would like you to think back of the last time you visited a supermarket. Your last Saturday morning stroll through your local supermarket I am sure that you have been seduced by a package at some...

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Why Photography Is Important For Businesses?

The first thing is it makeес your business look legit, if you have good authentic photos of you and your location and your stuff it’s just much more engaging with audience rather than using stock photos or no images at all. Second thing is it makes your website not so...

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The 4 Most Important Pages Every Website Should Have

Now that you set up your website I want to show you the four most important pages that you need to have on your website in order to attract the visitors that you want. Your website is a great place to introduce your company or your businesses and to showcase and put...

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Make it Simple, But Significant