If you looked in dictionary it will give you the definition something along the lines of a logo is a symbol a sign or an
emblem so that’s the definition of a logo. Thanks for watching, no we do need to talk about it a little bit more than that.
If we went back to store needs time we will see our human ancestors using symbols.
Using symbols used symbols to get a crossed messages ideas concepts and thoughts they didn’t have written languages
back then they may not even have had proper verbal communication so symbols were weight with all the important. If
we fast forward today we still use symbols to get across concepts ideas and thoughts but today we called them logos.
Logos are designed for recognition of organizations, for businesses, or groups they are used to build identity within or
around those organizations, are not identity the bigger concepts of the identity around an organization is what's know
as the brand and the logo is the tip of an iceberg in a brand.

A logo should be original, it should be memorable and it should have impact. Should be striking there are millions of
logos out there, you need your logo, if you have one or want one to stand out from your competitors so it needs to be
solidly designed it needs to cover all the bases. A logo is what most people and I am talking the public, will use to
identify a brand they will see a logo and it’ll instantly trigger I thought or feeling about that brand, it’s basically the larger
brands the mark a lot. There was a study done with toddlers 2, 3, 4 years old who can identify and name well no brands
from the logos before they could even read or write, that’s the power of a logo, of a symbol used well.
You will see logos on multiply things, from businesses carts, letter heads, vehicles, advertisements, websites, social
media platforms and there’s plenty of those. You’ll see logos everywhere, for that reason logos also need to be
adoptable they need to be able to reproduce a 16 pixels in the address bar in a web browser. They also need to be
recognizable hundred foot high or hundred foot white on the side of a billboard. So as you can see logos are important
and logos are essentially symbols that convey a message of larger brand.